Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little bit of country - revisited!

I always love checking out my stats and seeing which posts are the most popular.  This little bit of country wedding by Soul Mates Photo by FAR gets the most views and folks continue to comment on it.  In fact, I needed to revisit this post b/c I never interviewed the bride and I probably should have.  Recently I got a comment from someone asking about the bridesmaids dresses and the bride, Michelle responded.

Sure these bridesmaids dresses are adorable but can you believe they tea stained them and put their own little spin on them?!?!  This was Michelle's response "not to disappoint, but gals, we did it totally living by our roots - we made them! We bought the crochet/cotton dresses from JC Penny's, stained them with TEA to take them from white to the color they are now then my aunt's sewed on the trim to form a faux empire waist."

AND...she also made modifications to her dress to make it just to her liking - I kinda love this girl.  Here is what she had to say about that,  "I got my dress from Elegant Bride in Tacoma, WA. It's a Pronovias dress that I had altered to take off the cap sleeves, cinch down the topline to make it a sweetheart top and then took out a little of the tulling underneath to make it a lil more fitted. There were 52 buttons down the back and the lace was Spanish lace. it was a great choice. just remember: anything can be altered to make into YOUR perfect dress"

A big thanks to Michelle for actually checking back and responding to your inquiries and big kudos to her for being creative and true to their style!  Definitely the most popular search on Bridalhood. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Favs typically I do Friday Favs but I saved this one to kick off the week b/c it's my favorite wedding yet of 2012.  Green Wedding Shoes featured this super fab wedding shot by the talented Ellie Grover last week and I can't stop going back for more - this wedding is chalked full of inspiration.  This venue is a dream and the bride is about the cutest little boho bride I've ever seen.  Her dress reminds me so much of my own - that must be why I love it so much - or maybe it's the add on of the braided belt. There really isn't one thing about this wedding I'm not in love with.

Cutest bride ever

The natural tone dresses with the stocking and boot combo are fab

The men don't look to shabby either - always love the suspender look

Is this venue not a dream?  If I were getting married in Nor Cal this would be top of the list

River rock place cards are always fun

As if the ceremony site weren't enough - the reception area is just as sweet

Every last detail...swoon

I'm sure I had other favorites last week but none that even touched this wedding.  For a lot more eye candy check out Green Wedding Shoes and Ellie Grover's blog.