Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Preview and a few Favorites

This weekend is packed with all kinds of fun things - I'm not sure what I'm most excited about.  We've been spending a ton of time on the water whether kayaking, rafting, swimming and we have been missing our surfing days in FL so we are buying stand up paddleboards tonight - WOOHOO!  Can't wait to get out on the water.

Tomorrow we are headed to one amazing vintage country market - the Barn House - and I'm hoping to find many treasures to add to my collection.  I also get to see all three of my September brides this weekend and wrap up some planning details - hopefully I'll have lots of new finds to share with them.

Just a few favorites from the week!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Inspiration Board: Vintage French Countryside

I'm getting ready to head to a vintage country flea market this weekend and can't wait to look for things for one of my upcoming wedding clients. The inspiration for their wedding is vintage French countryside/garden and I have a feeling I'll be able to find lots of treasures to inspire me.  I've put together this inspiration board to keep me focused!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures at the market and report back with any fab finds.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner and for Weddings

I love breakfast for dinner and I love the thought of a breakfast or brunch wedding.  Now that I think about it, if we were to do it over again we might have to have a brunch wedding.  We did have a "hair of the dog" brunch the day after the wedding but it could also be fun for a wedding day.  Keith and I are brunch hounds - we love to go anyway and try out their brunch menu and we do consider ourselves bloody mary connoisseurs!  So much brunch inspiration out there to coordinate an amazing wedding brunch.

And let's be honest - a brunch is not a brunch without the bloody mary and mimosa bar!

What do you think about a breakfast wedding?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favs!

I don't have a whole lot of favorites for you this week - honestly my real wedding feature yesterday is a total favorite for me.  Working on some exciting stuff I hope to share with you all soon.  Have a great Friday!

This could be a really fun cake for a woodlands wedding

This dress is top of my list

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Real Wedding: Caitlin and Josh's Dreamy DIY Enchanted Forest Wedding

Talk about a DIY wedding - this couple and their family planned, coordinated and managed every aspect of this day.  If you look at the vendor list at the very bottom they either made, collected or had donated every last item and detail (other than amazing photography by Twin Hearts Photography) including handling all the food themselves!  They had the wedding on their families land in the middle of woods in Alabama but it looked more like a magical enchanted forest!

What went into the planning of your day?
Josh, my family, and I put an unimaginable amount of effort into the planning and construction of our wedding day. We went into the planning process with the knowledge that every detail we chose for our wedding was going to be handmade or 'found'. The wedding was in a tiny area outside of a tiny town so the available vendors were lacking. We had a lot of things lent to us for our wedding day and it still surprises me how many people were willing to help out and ask for nothing in return. Weddings are a magical thing and I think people love to be a part of them. We had a long engagement and during the almost 2 years of it, we planned about 3 different weddings. I didn't realize going into it that I could make the wedding ANYTHING I wanted it to be. We almost booked 3 different venues before realizing that all we wanted was to be in the middle of the woods surrounded by our closest friends and family. After choosing to be married on my Great Aunt and Uncles land everything else started falling into place. 

I love all the eclectic vintage finds and details especially the owls!

All the different tables were taken right from various family members homes

I'm so totally impressed with the thoughtfulness and creativity that went into their planning.  Here's what Caitlin had to say about some of the homespun details:

I designed and made the save the dates, and then the invitations. My mom and I scoured countless thrift stores collecting old vases, doilies, and other decorations. Josh and I picked out our menu and discussed how to make that work with only our family members cooking. I had bought a wedding dress in the first few months of the engagement and realized about 3 months later that it was not what I was wanting at all. We searched and searched and then one night I stumbled across the garment bag holding my Mom's dress, it was a perfect fit!
The wedding was a giant group effort made up of so many different people. The hay bales were given to us by a family friend, the tables and dressers were taken from homes for the night, the chairs were borrowed from a nearby Community College, the flowers were donated by a local business and every little piece of the wedding was put together by so many amazing people right up to when we walked down the aisle. 

Caitlin in her mom's beautiful gown

A perfect tree lined spot for a ceremony


What was the most memorable moment? 
The whole day. I can't even break it down from there! I can remember every single detail like I just lived it last night. Walking down the aisle with my Mom and Dad by my side and seeing Josh for the first time. Saying our vows that we both made up on the spot. Cutting off the bracelets that we had worn since the first week of our relationship to replace them with our wedding rings while our close friends sang and played 'You're The One' by The Black Keys. The entire wedding reception from beginning to end with everyone walking around holding the mustaches we had spent hours making. And dancing! Dancing! Dancing! It was a magical night.

Advice to future brides-
Prioritize what is most important to you and make sure you only surround yourself with the people you love. Take time, just the two of you, on your wedding day to just soak everything in and make sure you don't skimp or settle on your photographers so you can soak it in over and over again!

A big thanks to Caitlin for sharing all the insight that went into the details of the day and to Twin Hearts Photography for capturing all of them so beautifully and bringing them to all of us!


Venue- Family's land in Alabama
Bridesmaid dresses - H&M
Groom's attire- H&M
Brides gown- The brides mother's gown :)
Brides veil and fascinator- Made by bride
Flowers - Donated by a local business that was switching their gardens over to winter flowers 
Bouquet- Friend of the family
Boutonnieres- Made by bride
Catering- Family 
Chairs- Borrowed from a local Community College 
Tables - Taken from different family members houses
Cakes- Handmade by bride
Cake Topper- A shop on Etsy which is apparently now closed!
Photographer & Videographer- Twin Hearts Photography. The photography was the most important thing for us and we were so lucky to find Twin Hearts. I highly recommend them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Perfect Piece

My friend just sent me a link to a table she thought would look perfect in our new place - it sure would!  It would match the vibe and design we have going on perfectly.  Thanks Em - I might have to hold off until our treasure hunt next weekend (so excited!) but if I can't find something else to top it I might have to pounce on it.  What do you think?  Check it out here