Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Real Wedding: Katie and Jeremy's Bright Mountainview Wedding

If you get married in the Hood River Valley on a day with the mountain in plain view against a clear blue sky and without a cloud you are lucky bride - must be a sign of good things to come!  Not only do I share a mutual friend with this couple but they used the same wedding photographer we had for our wedding - Gabriel Boone - two very talented brothers!

I can't get over the amazing day they had for this Mt. Hood Organic Farm wedding and all the wonderful little details - this wedding with all the pops of color and sunshine just makes me happy!

Billy balls and succulents - quite a bouquet!

The custom Chuck Taylors are my favorite - I had a pair made for my hubs for our wedding?

Killer ring shot!

Gorg bridal photo and such great light!

The newly renovated Apple House at Mt. Hood Organic Farms makes the perfect reception area

Look at Mt. Hood in all her glory

Toasting signature drinks to a blissful marriage

These succulent centerpieces on wood rounds with the different Oregon trail signs are my favorite detail - what a perfect touch for a wedding in the Hood!

Mismatched yellow bridesmaids dresses and bright bouquets bring so much sunshine to this wedding

I mean, that almost looks fake - remember those pull down backdrops from Olan Mills?  But, this one is real and just that spectacular

The pie table - a stable for any rustic chic wedding

Looks like one hell of a dance party - and the bride's Chucks are essential for busting a move

A big thanks to Gabe and Boone for sharing this wedding with us - I bet it was a fun one to photograph!

Photographer: Gabriel Boone Photography (they rock!)
Florals: Zest Floral
Catering: Orchard House


  1. Nice post Debbie! It was a Super fun wedding to shoot. Amazing couple, great guests, dialed in details and an awesome venue.

  2. Beautiful details and location.Love bridesmaid dresses!A funny wedding!

  3. What gorgeous views! Such a breathtaking wedding venue!

  4. nice photography, perfect views, great organizers, sweet couple- WOW! My eyes are loving the yellow-white color palette. I wish I could be married again. haha. anyway, for those looking for more wedding ideas, might try this one, .
    i love your blog. so much details and are enjoyable to readers. ♥

  5. Love how this wedding is themed. Also way cool how Katie and Jeremy went from chic to hip hop on the dance floor. Easily one of the coolest couples out there.

  6. Love these pictures, the dress, the yellow, the centerpieces, the PIE! Fabulous!
    xx Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

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  8. I LOVE the dress. If you don't care can you tell me what brand it is and where to get it?

  9. I NEED to know the dress brand and where that ring came from!! SO stunning!!

  10. I MUST know how you created those Oregon trail signs for the table names!