Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better late than never - Friday Favs (from forever ago)

Ok...I'm sure you fellow bloggers can appreciate this but I just logged on to write a new post and saw this one sitting in the queue from weeks ago.  Well...better late than never - I figured I'd let it fly.

I've been so bad about my Friday Favs lately - but it's not b/c of a lack of good material!  I have been filing it all away and making sure I "pin" it on Pinterest but figured I would share some of my favs from the month of September (and early October).

If you are looking for whimsical, unique and fun...this wedding was a favorite of mine last week.  Not only is the mountain setting spectacular but you can draw lots of inspiraton from their amazing details. Thanks you SMP for always delivering great stuff!

Any wedding with yarn and wood - you know I love!

These bright flowers and the cascading amaranth on the wooden pillars - a new fav!

Check out much more from this wedding here

Caramel Apple Bites - pretty sure I need to make these

This is another new fav photoshoot that I will be drawing lots of inspiration from for an upcoming wedding!

The faux wood paper suite for this shoot is top of my list! For a lot more eye candy check it out here


Ha...hopefully I'll get back to doing regular Friday Favs.  I guess it doesn't matter when I post them though...looking back through they are still good ones!


  1. The view in these pictures is breathtaking and the multicolored flowers make the background stand out even more. The flower boxes that reads "Our love is here to stay" is an adorable idea and they can later be placed around the cake or in front of the band or DJ so it can be admired by everyone.

  2. I totally love this wedding,I am crazy about it! Everyhting is just perfect,every detail! Faboulos flowers ,splendid location,lots of wood and natural colors!Thank you for sharing!

  3. Daddy is so cool!!! I am so touch looking at how happy her beautiful daughter was walking in the aisle with such a loving father.