Thursday, July 14, 2011

Real Wedding: Meghan and Prescott's Rustic Chic Wedding

Talk about planning your wedding from a long distance!  Meghan and Prescott have been living on a sailboat since their engagement and cruising from Seattle to NY. If you are contemplating a long distance wedding just think about them planning this gorgeous wedding as well as doing all those handmade DIY projects from a sailboat?!?

They were married at a beautiful private residence on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.  So many spaces in this area that are just perfect for a wedding - I mean, with a backdrop like this you can't go wrong.

What Meghan had to say about planning the big day:  
Our situation was a bit unique because we were sailing internationally for almost the entire time we were engaged (we live on our sailboat and we were on a 9-month cruise along the Pacific coast of Mexico). People kept telling me it wouldn't be possible to plan a wedding from abroad, but the internet is an amazing tool! Researching the vendors was easy online, and we had the constant help and support of our parents back home too. And being away from it all really made it easy not to obsess about details I couldn't control. Plus, we never heard a peep about other peoples' opinions during the process, which was nice! We chose exactly what we wanted, and didn't think twice about much.

I love her thoughtful disposition in this photo and what a beautiful JCrew dress

These lovely little details make me happy!

What was the most memorable part of your day? 

There were so many memorable moments I can hardly pinpoint one!
- eating grapes and drinking mimosas in a jacuzzi tub at 10am while the girls put curlers in my hair that morning
having a few precious moments of quiet when my hairdresser (and wonderful friend of the family) shooed everyone out so I could be alone and collect my thoughts before the ceremony
-feeling the powerful Columbia Gorge wind pass warmly around us as we spoke our vows to one another This was my favorite part of our day too! 
-walking up the lane with my new husband right after the ceremony and having a private champagne toast with the wedding party and our parents before joining the reception.
-being told immediately upon walking into the party that a 'large unidentified bipedal primate' had been spotted lurking in the woods--our Northwest friends had planted a "Bigfoot sighting" for my out-of-town relatives. So hilarious!!
-Dancing with Prescott to Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic," and imagining ourselves back in the cockpit of our little sailboat rocking along on a night watch at sea. 

Beautiful shot - I always love ceremonies under a giant tree

So sweet

Booted bridesmaids with floral dresses - fabulous!

These pictures are so amazing!

More rustic chic details - and all planned from a boat. I love the French table numbers!

Love these fruit pies - they look beautiful and so good!

Do you think he was contemplating a pie in the face here?

Any wedding with a campfire and smores is a winner in my book!
All images via Julie Randall

What advice do you have for future brides?
Weddings would be super easy to put together if you didn't have a budgetary constraint. I think the most brilliant decision we made was to host the wedding outside (free) in the most beautiful and meaningful place to us. Because the setting was so gorgeous, I felt like decorating too much would only detract from the natural beauty that surrounded us. So we saved a TON money on the venue and on the decorations. Which meant that we were able to spend that money on taking all the guests on a whitewater rafting trip the day before the wedding!   AWESOME!

Brides tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the "pretty," but what people remember is the "fun." Forget color schemes and favors and throw your energy and funds into planning an unforgettable party that reflects the two of you. 

Although I didn't totally take Meghan's advice for my own wedding day I definitely agree with her 100%.  Thanks Meghan for allowing me to share your beautiful wedding with everyone and a special thanks to the talented Julie Randall for the gorgeous images you captured of their day.  

Venue: Private Residence 
Food: The Lyle Hotel (a GREAT and economical choice for Gorge brides!)
Photography: Julie Randall Photography
Decoration: DIY, bride and family
Tent Rental: Tents & Rents
Shuttle Service: Columbia Gorge Limousine
DJ: Friend


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