Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Real Wedding: Duke and Merrill's Fall Vineyard Wedding

I love to feature weddings that were at the same wedding venue where we were married just to see how different folks use the space in their own unique way.  Like us this couple choose to do long style communal tables which I love and in this space it really makes it feel so intimate.    I love their vibrant fall florals and my favorite touch - the hops on the fireplace mantle.  It gives it such a local Pacific NW vibe!  And I must say this couple has good taste - they were married at Gorge Crest Vineyards and used the fabulous Gabriel Boone photography team!

Beautiful fall bouquet

Hops on the mantle - great idea!

Thanks Boone for sharing another beautiful Gorge Crest wedding!


  1. so so pretty! is there a story behind the bolero? it looks vintage. gorgeous all around!

  2. I love the hops on the mantel!!

  3. oh they are just beaming!!!! & i love the hops too!!

  4. Vineyard weddings are my absolute favorite. So gorgeous!!