Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Favorites: Top 10 Wedding of 2010

This Friday Favorites is my last one of the year so I thought it was only fitting to dedicate it to my favorite weddings of 2010.  It's so tough to narrow the list b/c there were SO many good ones but there were definitely ones that stood out in my mind as completely awesome.  So here it goes...and not really in any particular order until you get to the top of the list!

10) Maya + Dave's Fiesta Wedding - I'm a sucker for anything fiesta themed and this colorful wedding was no exception.  I love all the fun details and bursts of colors.  (Found via Green Wedding Shoes)

{images via Love Ala}

9) Lauren + Jeff's Whimsical Wedding - This over the top (in a good way!) wedding was filled with pinwheels, kites, color and whimsy.  I've yet to see a wedding that is anything short of amazing out of Jesi Haack and the venue Chateau Le Dome at Saddlebrook Ranch...well, how could you go wrong? (Found via Green Wedding Shoes)

{images via Ashley Rose Photography}

8) Nick + Surya's Colorado Mountaintop Wedding - You've already seen the kick ass sign from this wedding in my favorite details and on just about every other wedding blog.  There is nothing quite like a mountaintop wedding and this one with the sweet rustic details, laid back vibe and stylish wedding party is pretty rad.  (Found via Once Wed)

{images via Jonas Peterson}

7) Elle + Kyle's Elegant Florida Affair - Definitely one of the most unique weddings on my list.  This intimate destination wedding is big on style and unique little details.  And the photography by Max Wanger - always breathtaking! (Found via 100 Layer Cake)

6) Brandon + Kristin's Woodsy Cotton Inspired Wedding - One of the first weddings I spotted in 2010 that drew some inspiration for our own wedding.  It was really the first time I'd seen cotton used for wedding decor and the cotton against the other woodsy accents was quite the killer combination.  Another gorgeous bride and fabulous wedding dress!  {Found via Jasmine Star}

5) Summer + Daniel's Intimate Barn Wedding - It's a toss up whether I love barn or vineyard weddings more.  But an intimate barn wedding with a bride and groom who sing and perform their wedding song together takes the cake.  This bride is gorgeous and her wedding dress is also on my top wedding dresses list of 2010 or ever.  The photography by Clayton Austin is absolutely stunning! (Found via Green Wedding Shoes)

4) Rachael and Noah's Gorgeous DIY Wedding - This next wedding is filled with so much heart and soul.  The bride, Rachael poured so much love into each little detail of this wedding and I followed her every step of the way on her adorable blog Lace and Likes. Rachael and Noah are now so much more than a face behind a blog and have become friends of ours who we can't wait to spend some more time with.  You haven't even begun to see all the amazing details of this wedding yet - just wait until it hits the blogosphere.  Until then, check out this AMAZING video from their big day. And their venue, Leo Carrillo Ranch...a dream!

3) Max and Margaux's Dream Team Detail Wedding - This wedding is at the top of everyone's favorite list and for good reason.  When you are one of the best wedding photographers in the business like Max Wanger you can pull off a wedding with an amazing dream team like Jesi Haack, Ashley Meaders, The Flashdance and Our Labor of Love, just to name a few - how could you go wrong? (Found via Once Wed)

{Images via Our Labor of Love}

2) Artemis + Nao's Boho Chic DIY completely awesome wedding - I would say this is my absolute favorite wedding (other than my own of course) in 2010.  The fact that this couple did everything themselves - invitations, DIY fabric bunting, signs, menus, cake and every single tiny vintage detail - is mind boggling given how amazing this wedding is. The wedding night tent they slept in?? - I could live in it! And how adorable is Artemis - and her blog, Tales of a Junkaholic! (Found via 100 Layer Cake, full recap here)

1) Our very own wedding - How could I have picked anything else for #1 other than our wedding!  Not only did we pour our love and ourselves into this day but it was the most magical and amazing day ever.  And as much as I have my favorites and love so many things about all different weddings I wouldn't have changed one thing about our special day.   

{all images via Gabriel Boone}

This has been an incredible year for me - a marriage, a cross country relocation from Florida to Oregon, a career move - so much change but all positive and all in the right direction.  I'm counting my blessings as we leave 2010 behind us.  I'm not sure I can top this year with all the milestones and celebrations but I'm going to try - watch out 2011!   Thank you to all my loyal readers and followers - wishing you all a happy new year.  

See you next year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wedding Trends 2010: Part Two

So to continue with the wedding trends 2010 I start with one of my favorite things - dessert!

1) Non-traditional wedding cakes - Actually not wedding cakes at many folks (including us) decided against the traditional wedding cake and went for something a little different - whether pies, donuts, cupcakes or a full blown dessert buffet.  In fact some of the dessert displays are too gorgeous to even want to touch! Obviously this is a trend I like since we had a table of delectable tarts at our wedding.

I love these button cakes!

2) Short Dresses - Several brides are opting for the short dress style these days and from what I've seen many ladies can really rock this look.  I think we'll be seeing more of these in 2011!

I love the mullet dress!

3) Wedding Signs - Whether a wooden sign or something even more creative we saw a lot of cool and unique signs out there this year.  Keep them coming and get creative!

My favorite sign - and this girl rocked an adorable short dress too!

These were from our wedding!

Coming favorite weddings of 2010!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Trends 2010: Part 1

There are so many various wedding trends you see on every single wedding blog and on just about every other post.  Some of them I just love and look forward to seeing more in 2011 and others I'm ready to see die.  I will reserve my opinion as I still believe a wedding is such a personal thing and should incorporate each couple's individual style whether trendy or not.

1) Billy Balls (and the color yellow in general) - This little yellow flower pom was a hot trend in 2010.  It definitely is a great accent floral and gives a nice pop of color.  Yellow in general might have been the top wedding color this season.

This is such an ADORABLE wedding too.  And with these billy balls are daisies - a 2011 trend, possibly?

2) Mismatched bridesmaid dresses - This trend brought a huge sigh of relief for me and I'm sure many others.  I know we all remember the days of the matchy matchy, seaform green or pink dresses you wouldn't be caught dead wearing again and likely burned after the wedding!  Today many brides are letting their maids pick their own dresses and often times they don't even match - even better!

Definitely a favorite 2010 wedding and a friend - the adorable Rachael and her mismatched maids

Another blog friend, Liz and her gorgeous bridesmaids - who wouldn't wear these beauties again?

3) Succulents and Air Plants - Ok...I said I wouldn't be partial but I hope these babies stick around at least another year.  I can't get enough of them...and maybe even some more air plants in 2011.

More 2010 wedding trends to come...