Monday, May 31, 2010


Still out in beautiful Hood River but now as a Mrs!  The wedding was better than I could have even imagined.  And no need to worry about the weather - it was beautiful and we got our mountain - she was out in all her glory by the reception.  Now off to sunny Mexico but here are a couple of pictures until we get the actual wedding photos back from our awesome photographers Gabriel Boone

  Photo via a friends camera/Facebook

There she is!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Weekend Weather Report

Ok, so I guess I wouldn't be a bride if I wasn't obsessing about the weather forecast.  We are getting married in Oregon in May - hmmm, completely unpredictable and every single time I look at the forecast it changes. 

Right now...

Saturday says high of 70 and times of clouds and sun - what a relief!  Let's hope it stays that way.  A little cool for us Flordians but I'll take it.  I'm a little confused about Sunday for our picnic - shows high of 71 and a big sun but says "chance of shower" - let's hope that holds off too since currently we have no plans for a tent.

Regardless of the weather the show will go on and I'm sure it won't be perfect but it will be fantastic.

4 days to go!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Male Boudoir Photos

Wow...what a whirlwind week in Charlotte!  It was actually great to be busy the week before the wedding to keep me from trying to tackle any more unnecessary last minute projects.  I've missed the blog and being able to check out my favorite daily wedding blogs but I have a feeling it will be another two weeks of very limited computer time so I'm trying to squeeze in a few last minute posts before the wedding.  Two sleeps until we are on a plane for Portland and as soon as we land there is a whole checklist of things to be done by Saturday - the BIG day!

Ok...on to our version of male boudoir photos (kind of).  Can you believe I get to marry this guy? I'm quite a lucky girl. Who knew he had this much style?  He went and had this suit custom made for the wedding - it's perfect - very Ocean's 11. Here are a few self portraits of my groom in his wedding get-up.

The Thinker

Mr. Serious

Glamour cover shot

There he is...that's my guy.  This shot sums up his personality the best!

I realized I haven't ever really shared any photos of us but it's inevitable with the wedding around the corner as I'll be posting recaps and wedding photos so why not share now?  I'm hoping to post our proposal story tomorrow with photos - a fitting final post before the wedding. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Honeymoon #1 - Zihuatenajo Mexico

So...if you've followed our honeymoon saga at all you know that we didn't think we'd be able to go on one at all right after the wedding since my fiance was supposed to be "at sea" for three months.  We had originally planned to go somewhere in the fall or winter and had decided we wouldn't worry about figuring it out until after the wedding when things calm down a bit.  Then...his trip this summer was canceled.  Great news for both of us since now we'll actually get to spend our first married months together and can squeeze in a quick honeymoon after the wedding.  And we'll still figure out another one later in the year!  If you are a regular you also know I have an obession with Mexico.  We wanted just a quick getaway for a few days after the wedding so we can relax, sit by the pool or beach, eat good food and drink fruity drinks....we found the perfect spot!

I've been to several areas in Mexico and definitely love the Pacific coast side even better than the Gulf side and have always wanted to go to Zihuatenajo...and now we're going.  We found this awesome boutique hotel nestled in the side of a cliff on the Zihuatenajo Bay with only four suites, an infinity pool and a bar/lounge that overlooks the water.  Done and done - we are all booked at Tentaciones for four nights for honeymoon #1. 

All photos {via Trip Advisor}

I can not wait - 11 days until the wedding and just a few more until we get to be lounging in one of those cushy chairs overlooking the water thinking about where we can go for honeymoon #2!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favs!

Woohoo - 15 days until the wedding!  We've been hacking away at our to-do list and feel good about where things are at.  My advice to all brides with plenty of time left until their weddings - work hard early so the few weeks before the wedding you can actually be excited instead of stressed. 

I'm off to Charlotte, NC for 10 days for work and then come back to FL for two days to turn around and fly out to OR for the wedding.  Needless to say my posts may be few and far between the next couple of weeks - but you never know I might squeeze in some time or find a guest blogger or two!

Lots of inspiration this week...

Play telephone for your engagment session - why not?

Love this animated photo session - too cute
If it's not loading go check it out at The Image is Found

Camping, Vintage Airstream and an old school ghetto blaster down the aisle - nice!  Of course it's in Oregon

Bourbon spiked ginger lemonade anyone? 
Check out this adorable wedding here

And how about using these to put in the lemondade?
DIY drink stir {via} Oh Lovely Day

Two Brunettes always offering great free downloads
{via} Ruffled

And since my friends are having a nautical themed bridal shower for me tomorrow this was perfect
Anchor Themed Wedding Ideas {via} The Wedding Chicks

Off to Charlotte and so excited to spend a relaxing day poolside with some of my favorite gals at my bridal shower.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More local flavor - Vintage Airstream...Bar!

So yesterday I talked about adding some local flavor and fun food options to your wedding - well today I found the coolest thing ever - a vintage Airstream traveling bar!  Too bad I'm just finding this b/c it's in the Portland area.  This is perfect for you Oregon brides that want a super chill wedding in the woods or a camping wedding like some of my favorites I've featured on the blog here and here.  And if you are doing a really remote wedding and need a place to get ready or to use as a bridal suite this could be perfect.
Of course I found this on Blue Window Creative - they only feature the coolest, most fun weddings ever like this one where they discovered the Tin Cantina.

{via} here

Learn more about how you can have this bad boy roll up to your wedding and serve margaritas and made-to-order drinks right out the window - here and here  

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local Flavor and Fun Wedding Foods

Probably one of my most favorite wedding reception memories was when white gloved tuxedoed men rolled out with White Castles on service trays at the end of the reception dance party at my friends wedding.  Anyone from the Midwest can certainly appreciate a greasy slider after a long night of drinking!

In fact here I am about to stuff my face with one...

And who doesn't love to visit In N Out Burger when in California - I know whether it's Cali, Vegas or Phoenix I try to hit up the In N Out sometime during my stay.  Maybe consider an In N Out trailer at your wedding?  Are you kidding me?  This is the BEST!

This couple sure knows how to make their guests happy!
{via} Veiled Vows and find out how to get your own here

Getting married in near Portland?  If you are from Portland or even visited there you've probably heard of Voodoo Donut.   This place has a cult following and for good reason - it's awesome!  I finally made it there my last trip to town and tried a variety of different flavors - the peach fritter was my absolute favorite.  After seeing this bride and groom Voodoo Donut display at my new bride friend Emily's wedding I knew we had to have them too.

Ideally they would be delivered hot at the end of the night so folks could have a sweet treat after all the drinking and dancing but unfortunately they don't deliver out to Hood River at that hour.  We're settling for a Voodoo Donut display at our picnic the next day - I bet they'll be just as good as a hangover treat!  (with a bloody mary of course)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons

Ribbons are such a simple and easy way to dress up a wedding and they look beautiful.

And remember the ribbon curtain my cousin is making for our wedding - it's done!  I feel I've already revealed so many of our homemade wedding projects so I don't want to show the whole thing but here is a sneak peek...

Woohoo - can't wait to walk through it!

And while I told myself I was putting a moratorium on anymore wedding projects I decided to make just a few ribbons wands for the little girls since we can't throw anything or even drop flower petals at our wedding venue (which we wouldn't have done anyway).  I figure they can wave the ribbon wands either walking down the aisle or once the ceremony is done. 

They are cheap and really easy - tie a ribbon around a dowel rod - simple as that.  Even if you aren't crafty you can do this one. 

Check out the tutorial on Project Wedding

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Favs!

Super stylin' bridal party (love the Anthro bridesmaids dresses) and the bride's dress looks like mine!
Check out the full wedding - so many great details {found via} Lace and Likes and here

Weeeee....I'd love to swing in this and take pictures {via} Luna and Chloe Weddings

Crazy cool tiered wedding dress and beautifully creative wedding - they sang for each other!
{via} Ruffled

The sweetest, most intimate wedding celebration and another killer dress {via} 100 Layer Cake

Love this shot - the bride dipping the groom.  {via} Comfort Studios

What a great place for a wedding ceremony and a great kiss and embrace!

Cute backyard bridal shower {via} Dandelion and Grey

Lovely colorful veil {via} Brancoprata

Happy Weekend - so much to do!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why I'm marrying this man: Reason 159

I am truly a lucky girl to be marrying the sweetest boy.  Life the last few weeks has been quite hectic getting ready for one of the busiest weeks of my work year and of course finalizing details for our cross country wedding.  My Guy knows that I've getting a little crazed with only 21 days until the wedding but only 8 days left to get everything done, ready, packed, etc. b/c I'll be leaving for a 10 day work trip right before the wedding! 

One of things I love most about him is that he is always doing little things to help make my life a bit easier.  Last night when I came home from a long day at work he had a Cinco de Mayo dinner all set up for us and a margarita to greet me at the door...a good man!   

Our chicken taco buffet with four different homemade salsas

And don't you love all of our new Fiesta dinnerware and our fun bowls from Crate and Barrel - our registry gifts already being put to good use!

Yum...and homemade agave nectar margaritas in our new citrus margarita glasses!

And this morning he had a hot breakfast and coffee ready for me too!  I know I'm always talking about the meals he cooks for me (which is a huge weight off my shoulders since otherwise I'd be eating crackers with peanut butter if I had to do it) but there are so many little things he does to lighten the load.  He's ready to roll up his sleeves and do whatever last minute things need to be done for the wedding and more importantly he's keeping me grounded and trying to make me realize that if we don't have napkin rings or table runners it's not the end of the world! 

I'm right now in the process of working on my vows so he's been giving me all kinds of good material to work with these last few weeks!  Love you babe and can't wait to marry you in a few shorts weeks. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Mexican Hideaway

Since it is Cinco de Mayo I thought I would again post about my beloved Mexico! You may recall all of my previous posts on a potential Mexico honeymoon and this amazing spot - Verana.  With only 24 days until the wedding we still don't have a honeymoon figured out but we'll eventually get around to taking one.  Even if we don't land on this place for the honeymoon it's definitely on the must go list.  The Verana keeps me coming back for more and after seeing these images by Cliff Brunk I think I want to marry this place!

All the rooms are open air

I'd like to be laying in one of those right about now - with a margarita!

Yes please

The details at this place are amazing

Might want to consider Verana for your honeymoon or next romantic getaway destination - happy Cinco de Drinko!