Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favs!

Getting ready for my final dress fitting today and a hair and makeup trial! Even though it won't be those folks doing my hair and makeup since I'll be getting married in OR - I wanted to see how I might be able to pull the whole look together.  So exciting...let's just hope the dress fits.

Here are some of my favorites from the week:

First - LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP for my Earth Day Giveaway!  I'll draw later today or tomorrow

Glow in the dark mason jars - would look wicked cool at night

This picture spoke to me this week since we are working on our wedding reception playlist...hmm..this might look like one of my uncles dancing (not naming any names!)

 Are you kidding? Red velvet in a glass jar...YUM!

LOVE this wedding and her beautiful dress
{via) Once Wed

And their gorgeous DIY table decor
{via} Once Wed

The most weddingest city in America
and 10 reasons to get married in Portland (or Hood River!)

And a store I can't wait to visit when I get out there

mmm, yes please!  An outdoor lounge area at this amazing wedding
{via} Snippet and Ink

Wow - a real bride bridal shower tablescape and not a staged one - fabulous
Love this gals fun blog {via} Lace and Likes

Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge - so happy we decided to get married here
Check out the new Hood River photo blog by amazing photographer Blaine Franger (and yes he does wedding photography!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Attire

I've been on the search for some wedding shoes for a little bit now since I wanted to have them before my final dress fitting which happens to be this coming weekend.  I was trying to find a greyish purple shade to match some of the wedding decor but let me tell you - it's a tough color to match.  And then I saw these pups on the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack!

{via} My Guy

{via} My Guy
I never said I was a foot model! 

And the best part is - they were only about $30 on the clearance rack!  Oh and that they are insanely comfortable believe it or not.  You can't beat that.
{via} Me (that's why it's not good)

Who knows - maybe I'll find another pair I like better but these are a great backup if I don't find something else or decide to go barefoot.

The rest of the outfit is coming along too - I have my final dress fitting this weekend...cross your fingers it fits!

And last week I won a FABULOUS giveaway from The Loveliest Day - a custom hairpiece from Dana at Retr0lux!   It doesn't get much better than this...I have my own custom wedding dress being designed and made special by a dear friend and now a custom hairpiece.  It's been so much fun working with Dana to come up with the design - I can't show you her concepts just yet but here is the boho chic headpiece we were using for inspiration.

Now I just need jewelry of some sort and have no idea what I'm looking for there but sure I'll find some treasure piece if I keep looking. 

Getting so excited - one month from tomorrow!  If we're lucky maybe the groom will let me share a picture of him in his wedding attire next week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tablescapes and Wood Cuts!

Tablescapes for our wedding have really been the only source of moderate stress thus far in the planning process but I think we always had an idea of the vibe we were going for and ended up in a good place. 

The first decision was what style tables and dinner service we wanted.  We LOVE to host folks at our house and it always feels like we are making some kind of meal that encourages passing and sharing so we decided to serve our reception dinner family style.  We also wanted it to feel very communal so it seemed like the long tables would be a good fit but our venue only offers the rounds that are included in the venue fee.  Since we already have to rent tables for our picnic the day after the wedding at another venue we decided just to use those banquet tables the night before at the wedding too.  So while we won't have the beautiful exposed reclaimed wood long tables we will have three long tables to get the feel we were going for. 

As for what is on the table - we wanted the decor for our wedding to be rustic yet elegant and somewhat romantic.  We love the use of wood we've seen at other weddings and it ties in well with some other wood elements like My Guy's ring but I also wanted to "pretty it up" a bit (at least for the wedding day - the picnic is a different story). 

Wood Cut Inspirations

Even though we loved the wood look we had no idea how we'd get the wood since we live in FL and are getting married in OR.  *As a side note - I'm so glad we are getting married in OR and doing a destination wedding but we'd be able to do SO much cool stuff if we did this in our backyard.  I don't know if you recall this post but My Guy flew home to Indiana for a weekend and worked on some smaller sized wood cuts with his mom that we could use to put candles on, for the dessert table or really anything. 

But the other day we got a huge surprise in the mail from his Grandpa...truly amazed! He knew we liked the rounds that would be used as table centerpieces and look what he sent us.

All photos {via} My Guy

And these arrows since we mentioned making some directional signage!  Can't wait to use these one day at our house - we can put up a pole of arrows with different places we've lived on them.

Think we both need to go take some woodworking lessons from Grandpa! Again - I'm so blown away by our family and friends that are chipping in on our big day.  We are so blessed and I can't wait until we have them all in one location in one month.

These will look great against the burlap/muslin tableclothes and maybe with a smaller doily over them with a vase with flowers and maybe a candle or two.  Like I said - we want to blend the rustic with a hint of romance.  I ordered these pretty lace lumanaries from Etsy in various sizes as well and could either use them on the tables, on the fireplace mantle or other areas throughout the barn.

{via} Etsy shop my haleygirl

More to come on the tables but after reading the post yesterday by fellower blogger friend Jes at A Mountain Bride I felt like I wanted to share since we have a similar taste in our tablescapes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday! The Countdown is On...

33 days to go!!!!

Had a great weekend with our friend and wedding officiant and came up with what we feel is a really good flow for the ceremony and a draft of the script.  We still need to work on our vows which will take a bit more thought.  There is so much in my head and my heart but to put it all in words and have them come out right will be the more difficult task. 

We spent the rest of our weekend shopping for the rest of our wedding attire.  Since I have my final dress fitting this coming weekend I wanted to make sure to get all the other pieces so I could see how it will all come together. I found the cutest shoes - will make sure to post pictures as soon as I get a chance. 

Still working on several last minute things but one of the biggest items on the to-do is music!  More to come on that but I think we're doing the DIY iPod music thing and it can be a daunting task.  Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!

One thing I almost did this weekend was buy this sweet tandem bike.  We been saving money for the past several months for the wedding and I'm dying to splurge on a toy for the summer and have always wanted a tandem.  How often do great deals and uber rad bikes like this come up on Craig's List?  Do you think I should go for it?  The Guy is trying to be the voice of reason but I say it should be our wedding gift to ourselves

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Favorites

I'm doing backflips this beautiful Friday b/c my Guy's 3-month summer trip on the boat was officially canceled yesterday.  That means that I actually get to spend the first three months of our marriage with my husband as opposed to without - I'm so thankful for this!  We are spending the weekend with our friend and wedding officiant to go over the wedding ceremony details - after all this is the most important part of all the wedding planning.  Happy Friday!  I hope you enjoy my favorites from the week.

Wedding shot on a surfboard {via} 100 Layer Cake
I want to live inside of this wedding!
Check out more of this wedding on JL Photografia blog - obsessed!

Getting married in a small indoor area - consider crepe paper decor {via} Inspired Goodness

This bride has my rain boots {via} Carl Zoch

Check out Untamed Petals fabulous Spring Collection {via} Ruffled
And enter to win their giveaway!

Adoring this Beatles inspired e-session {via} Rock 'n Roll Bride

Eco-friendly Inspiration Board of the Week {via} postcards and pretties

Woodsy river rock name card display {via} Southern Weddings

Absolutely gorgeous photo shoot {via} Tec Petaja

Booklet style wedding programs and other fab DIY ideas from this wedding {via} Hi-Fi Weddings

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day *GIVEAWAY*

In celebration of Earth Day I'm doing a special giveaway!  Another very talented and creative family member is my sister who makes fun canvas and corduroy bags (she's also making fabric flags for our wedding picnic!).  These reuseable bags are great for the farmer's market, shopping or even the beach (where I use mine all the time). 

These are some of the lightweight corduroy bags

This one is mine - you can't have it.
Attached to my beach cruiser packed for the beach!

A canvas version perfect for the kiddies!

The actual bag you would win is not featured but will be a corduroy version similar to the two at the top.  Join me in celebrating Earth Day and sign up to win one of these great bags - a great alternative to paper or plastic!

To win simply leave a comment below.  For additional opportunities to win - become a follower, post the giveaway on your blog or tweet about it.  Good luck and happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kids at Weddings

I know that folks have strong opinions on this topic.  I honestly think it's up to the couple whether they would like to include kids in their big day or not.  Some people will tell you that a wedding is no place for children.  Personally I would disagree with that but do think it depends on the couple and the situation. 

If you are having a small wedding like us then odds are most kids would be relatives or children of close friends that are very much a part of your life. It was very important for us to include those kids in our day.  I can't imagine our nieces and nephews not being a part of the wedding or any of the other children we've had the privilege to watch grow up over the years.  And since we are having a destination wedding we figured some folks may want to make a vacation out of it and bring their families and didn't want to put the burden on them of trying to find child care for their kids while they were away.  On the other hand I have friends that are looking forward to a getaway without their children and are happy to get a sitter for the weekend.  Then there are those friends that can't make the wedding b/c they will being having kids in April or May (love you Carrie/Jeff, Ted/Kate) and others that will be at the wedding with big baby bumps! Either way, we wanted to leave it to our guests and offer the option for them to bring kids.

I mean just look at some of these adorable pics...


{via} Ever Ours

{via} Natasja Kremers

If we were having a big wedding we might feel differently from a cost standpoint and b/c you may end up with more kids than adults!  Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of times I'm happy to see "no kids allowed" like on a vacation with My Guy when we are trying to get some R&R.  I actually scout out hotels that don't allow children.  But I feel that wedding ARE a place for children and that their playful, youthful spirit adds such joy to the day.  After all, Keith and I are just big kids ourselves!

What do you think??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DIY Paper Flowers

I know I keep saying it but I'm so blessed to have such talented and creative friends and family all over the country that are crafting up beautiful creations for us.  Our wedding is truly going to be a labour of love with all the folks that are lending a hand to make our big day so special .  Over the next couple of weeks I'll feature all the wonderful projects that our friends have been working on to make our wedding weekend unforgettable. 

My Guy and I were sitting on the couch on our laptop when we saw my cousin had posted some pictures on her Facebook page of a project she's been working on for our wedding.  We were blown away!  These DIY paper flowers are outstanding.  I love all the different purple papers, worn book pages, stamps and maps that she's using and the beads, buttons and embellishments to form the flowers center. 

Can you imagine how labor intensive these are?  And they are SO perfect!

I LOVE the one on the left with the "happily ever after" paper!

And this is the same cousin working on the ribbon curtain!  Kirie - you are so talented and I can't wait to come to Rhode Island this summer for a crafting summer camp. A huge thanks to you and Ada for all the time, effort and love you've poured into this project. 

I think we will use the bigger flowers on the inside aisle of the ceremony chairs and scatter the medium and small flowers around the reception tables and barn.  What you can't see are the beautiful ribbon stems on these flowers.  If you think you are up for the challenge I'll be posting a tutorial on these paper flowers in the coming weeks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I'm having my final dress fitting next weekend when my sister and our friend who is making my dress are flying to FL.  I hope it fits!  I spotted this fabulous pink flowy wedding gown and love the idea of adding some color to your dress whether with a sash or a colored gown in a subtle tone like this one.  And I really like the look of the one shoulder styles...